Charles Chidi Igwilo

upStart Venture Partners


A data centric strategic thinker, NAV is thrilled to have Chidi guide our technology and early-stage startups. 

Charles Chidi Igwilo is a venture partner at upSTART Venture Partners, where he helps technology startups raise early-stage venture capital. As a Business Development Strategist, he also works with startups to develop products and explore new market opportunities.

During the dot com boom era, he left Columbia University in the City of New York, where he was taking graduate classes in electrical and electronics engineering to join in northern Virginia as an Account Executive. He later moved to Metro Atlanta to work for Verizon as a Wholesale Account Analyst, where he led and built a team within the wholesale division in the southeast corporate head office. In 2008, he began his entrepreneur journey that includes the development and deployment of mobile phone contact backup application, for wireless carriers around the global emerging markets. In 2012, he co-founded with a team of Software engineers to develop an online platform that managed benefit and perk programs for small and medium businesses.

He is on the advisory board to the Dean of Computing and Software Engineering at Kennesaw State University, Georgia. Charles is an avid for technology innovations and enjoys the process of building new products that utilizes the power of software technology.

Favorite Hobby: Reading & Watching Videos on Historical Events

Favorite Sports Team: New England Patriots

Favorite Music Artist: Good melodies & songs of any genre

Skill Set: Equity Funding, Strategic Partnership Relationship, Data Analysis, New Business and Product Development Management 

Teams Served On: Flux Ice Cream, Creative Critique