NAV welcomes North Atlanta entrepreneurs with a working concept and beyond who are looking for guidance through team-based mentorship. With NAV, success is not measured merely by sales or revenue, but the success and growth of each individual entrepreneur.

What are the minimum requirements to become a NAV Venture?

  1. The company must have a legal business entity.
  2. Founder(s) representing >51% of the ownership work on their venture full time.
  3. Founder(s) representing >51% of the ownership commit to being involved in and adhering to program guidelines, and to meeting with mentors.

Who can apply to be a NAV Venture?

  1. Scalable ventures located in the North Atlanta region who are looking for targeted business guidance through team-based mentorship.
  2. Entrepreneurs and growing companies seeking to navigate new challenges, perfect products and services, identify markets, build business organizations, seek funding, and grow as strong business leaders. 
  3. Ventures who have a working concept, and at least a working prototype, business plan, and are revenue producing. 
  4. Preference is given to ventures in the following high-growth areas: Advanced Manufacturing, Healthcare, IT/Technology, Makers/Inventors, Corporate Operations, Culinary, and Film/Media.


NAV welcomes North Atlanta professionals who are exceptional in their field and are looking to give back to the next generation of entrepreneurs.

Who can apply to be a NAV Mentor?

  1. Professionals who have significant and relevant experience with professional skills, business roles, and industry knowledge. 
  2. Professionals who can dedicate a minimum of 1 to 2 days of participation with their venture team(s) each month. 
  3. Professionals who can provide objective and unbiased advice and guidance. The mentor’s mission is to guide – not to do. Mentors listen, coach, and advise.
  4. Professionals who are willing to work with other mentors to provide team-based mentoring, develop the entrepreneur and their business, and follow NAV guiding principles.