Why be a NAV Venture?

NAV is the first program of its kind in Georgia with the mission to make Cherokee County the #1 place in the state to start and grow a business. This program gives preference to scalable ventures located in the North Atlanta region with a working concept and beyond from the following high growth target sectors: Advanced Manufacturing, Healthcare, I.T./Technology, Makers/Inventors, Corporate Operations, Culinary, and Film/Media.

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The journey to becoming a successful venture is often rocky, and never linear – this program provides a team of mentors to alleviate the confusion and guide the entrepreneur to success through team mentoring sessions and office hours with Mentor Specialists.

NAV is a service provided by the Cherokee Office of Economic Development, through it’s Fresh Start Cherokee initiative, that is principled and based off of MIT VMS. This personalized program provides entrepreneurs with a mentoring team that will assist ventures in various stages.
Through hands-on mentoring, entrepreneurs will learn how to perfect their products and services, identify markets, build business organizations, seek funding, and grow as strong entrepreneurial leaders. The team mentoring approach provides a unique coaching experience to help ventures make informed decisions while being able to consider multiple perspectives from successful businessmen and women with different backgrounds. The success of this program is not only measured by starting and growing a profitable company but in providing a valuable learning process for entrepreneurs to gain the skills they need to be successful in the long run.

What are the minimum requirements to become a NAV Venture?

  1. The company must have a legal business entity.
  2. Founder(s) representing >51% of the ownership work on their venture full time.
  3. Founder(s) representing >51% of the ownership commit to being involved in and adhering to program guidelines, and to meeting with mentors.

Who can apply to be a NAV Venture?

  1. Scalable ventures located in the North Atlanta region who are looking for targeted business guidance through team-based mentorship.
  2. Entrepreneurs and growing companies seeking to navigate new challenges, perfect products and services, identify markets, build business organizations, seek funding, and grow as strong business leaders. 
  3. Ventures who have a working concept, and at least a working prototype, business plan, and are revenue producing. 
  4. Preference is given to ventures in the following high-growth areas: Advanced Manufacturing, Healthcare, IT/Technology, Makers/Inventors, Corporate Operations, Culinary, and Film/Media.

How do I become a NAV Venture?

Please follow the “Apply Now” button below to fill out a venture application which will be reviewed by the NAV Team. If your venture meets the program criteria, a NAV team member will be in touch to schedule an interview to learn more about you and your venture.


Typical Venture onboarding from application to the first mentoring session takes approximatley 10-12 weeks.

I’m a NAV Venture. Now What?

The NAV Program is unique in its structure in that it empowers ventures to request and run their own meetings. The real value of the program is the mentoring sessions with a team of diverse mentors. The venture sets the pace for how often they meet with a maximum of 2 meetings per month and a minimum of one per quarter. NAV ventures also have the ability to request a specialist to join their team sessions or request office hours with a specialist. The NAV team coordinates all these meetings for the ventures. 

Our mentors and entrepreneurs adhere to a strict code of ethics and guiding principles in order to protect participants on both sides of the table. These guidelines assure that all ventures will receive impartial and unbiased advice from their team of mentors.

NAV Mentorship Services

Unique opportunities to network with other NAV Ventures 

One-on-one Office Hours with Mentor Specialist (legal, product development, marketing, etc.)

Regular Team Mentoring 

Monthly opportunities to crowdsource solutions with the whole group of 26 mentors

Access to a Basecamp Team for regular communication with the mentor team.



John Cloonan, Marketing Guy/Strategic Polymath

Audacity Marketing uses their broad, unique perspectives to create innovative solutions to build and drive the value of your brand to grow your business. We love working with businesses of all sizes, because it takes audacity to start something and boldness to grow it.

Bizarre Coffee

Sabrina Kaylor, Chief Executive Officer

Based out of Canton, Bizarre Coffee is a coffee company made for the movers, shakers, and change makers of the world. #GoodMoodJuice

Boca Walk-In Tubs

Matt Denis, VP of Operations, and Dominic Telymonde, VP of Sales

Our mission is to produce a better walk-in tub at a price that is more affordable for the customer. With most walk-in tub users needing safe access to bathing due to mobility or health issues, we offer a product that enables customers to have peace of mind while also enjoying their bathing experience.

eden smoothies

Chris & Stephanie Beck, Co-Founders

Fresh and vibrant smoothies, juices, and smoothie bowls. Our store has a welcoming and energetic vibe for our active community. Come enjoy food that is both healthy and delicious!

Grizzly Softwash

Dennis LoPiccolo, Managing Partner / Chris LoPiccolo, Partner & Field Operations Manager

Grizzly Softwash specializes in the pressure & soft washing of residential and commercial properties.

GuidePost Marketing

Kyle Porter, Founder/Lead Strategist

GuidePost Marketing helps local businesses grow profitably by developing, launching, and delivering high-impact marketing strategies. We partner with your team so that you can focus on what you do best while we help drive your company’s growth.

Local Color Studio

Shanna Coulter, Artist/Owner

Local Color Studio is a co-work art center coming to Historic Downtown Canton. With a ceramics studio, community maker space, private studios, as well as classes and a variety of programming, Local Color is the place for creative work in Canton.

Phoenix iO

Omer Bozok, Founder

Phoenix iO is building a software solution for the civil engineering and construction industry, for those seeking to excel their project efficiency.


Shalakay Gibbs, Founder

SuiteSciens implements systems that help midsize businesses streamline their process and scale their business.

The Board and Box Charcuterie

Kayla Hall, Owner

The Board and Box is a luxury charcuterie business based in the heart of Downtown Woodstock. With an emphasis on artful design, each event they do is truly a work of art and elevates your gathering.

The Highlight Reel

Lee Meyer & Matt Thomas, Co-Founders

The Highlight Reel, founded in Woodstock, was created out of passion for creativity and a love for helping to build up businesses, individuals and destinations. PROFESSIONAL STORYTELLERS | EVENT VIDEOGRAPHY | PERSONAL & BUSINESS BRANDING

Three Brothers Painting, Inc.

Oscar Velez, CEO & Business Development

Three Brothers Painting, Inc. has served the metro Atlanta area since 1991. Three Brothers offers interior and exterior painting, deck and fence staining, and pressure washing.

Trefoil Gardens

Melanie Jones & Rob Miller, Co-Owners

Trefoil Gardens is a Suburban Market Garden Cooperative 2 miles outside of Downtown Woodstock. Growing food, medicinal herbs, flowers and community, with a focus on caring for environment and community, Trefoil Gardens offers volunteer and learning opportunities, as well as design services, delicious produce and other farm products.

Y-Not Sharp

Tony Whitfield, Owner

Y-Not Sharp offers professional sharpening services with a personal touch and a face to face experience.


Alma Coffee

Leticia Hutchins, Co-Founder COO
Harry Hutchins, Co-Founder and CFO
Al Lopez, Co-Founder and CEO

Shade-grown, farm-to-cup coffee. As 5th generation coffee farmers, we consider every detail in creating the perfect cup of coffee. The seeds, the plants, the roasting process, and the brew are all part of crafting coffee with soul.

American Pillar Growers

Clint Ober, CEO

American Pillar Growers grows and sell the American Pillar arborvitae as both liners and finished products that are available for pick/delivery.

ArtBeat Soundwave

Cindi Dornellas, Owner/Creator

Capturing The Soundtrack Of Your Life – through art. Every moment has a sound. ArtBeat Soundwave, LLC. captures a special moment in time through a crafted piece of art.

Bethany Steel Supply

Steve Tucker, Founder

Bethany Steel Supply is a family owned and operated steel supply and fabrication company. After retiring from Cobb County Fire Department and moving to Cherokee County, Steve Tucker noticed he had to go back to Cobb County for all his fabrication needs. Tucker is now one of few to supply various metals and fabrication services within Cherokee County.



Creative Critique

Joey Ruse, Founder

Creative Critique is  an online feedback platform that connects creatives to help them exceed expectations, empower success, and endlessly innovate.

Leap Space

Connor Kirk, Co-Founder
Gary Kirk, Co-Founder

Leap Space is an Atlanta based company that offers customizable subscriptions to equipment such as 3D Printers, slicer stations, and filament lockers. 

MAS Innovations

Michael DelGais, Founder

MAS Innovations designs and manufactures molecular air filtration equipment for industrial facilities.

The American Cuckoo Clock Company

Jodie Davis, Founder and Designer
Mark Rowell, Production

The American Cuckoo Clock Company is reinventing cuckoo clocks, an American family tradition.