Odessa Mann



Odessa Mann is a Chemical Engineer and has held various Management, Process and Project Management roles throughout her career. 

Odessa joined Linde Engineering as part of the Project Management Team. During her time with Linde Engineering North America, she advanced to Manager of Project Engineering and then Director of Project Management. In 2015, she joined Linde Gas North America as Director of the “ROC” and Engineering Team, in Stewartsville, NJ.  Odessa has also worked with the Opportunity & Project Development organization located in Houston, Texas.

Odessa Mann was appointed to the role of President of Hydro-Chem, a global leader in providing modular hydrogen plants, located in Hollys Springs GA. She was involved with structuring the transition of operations between Hydro-Chem with Linde Engineering North America.  In July 2020, Odessa was named President of four different Divisions of Linde Engineering in the Americas such as Hydro-Chem, Natural Gas, Cryogenics and Fabrication where she continues to bring a wealth of technical capability and international leadership and experience in both Gases and Engineering. 

Volunteering her time and giving back to the local community, Mrs. Mann enjoys sharing her knowledge and experience with the next generation of entrepreneurs.

When she is not working, Odessa enjoys practicing Martial Arts with her family. 

Favorite Hobby: Martial Arts, Traveling, & Baking 

Favorite Sports Team: FC Bayern Munich (Soccer)

Favorite Music Artist: Hard to pick one..

Skill Set: Leadership, Operations, Project Management, Engineering  

Teams Served On: Flux Ice Cream, Makerspace