Venture Application Form

If your venture does not have a name, please put TBD.

Current Venture Mailing Address

Please list just the founders and key members of the team and underline the primary contact for the team.

Business Idea/Description

To help us best serve you, please answer a few questions about your venture. Don’t worry about developing your responses formally like you would in a business plan. No deep details or financials are needed - just tell us what you think and envision at this point. Use everyday language as if you were explaining these things to your friends or family.
a. Idea/Concept Stage b. Startup c. Growth and Establishment d. Expansion/Scale e. Maturity/Exit

What To Expect After Submitting Your Application

  • You will receive a confirmation email. If the application meets our baseline criteria, we will schedule an interview with our intake committee
  • Upon acceptance to the program, ventures must attend a training session with the Program Coordinator
  • You will then pitch to the entire group of mentors at the next Monthly Mentor Meeting. The NAV Team then assembles a team of mentors based on your venture needs as well as the interests and expertise of available NAV mentors
  • Once a team is in place, you set the pace to leverage the knowledge of your mentor team – on your terms – in a relaxed, professional setting
  • Your mentor team is created with the intention of changing as your business and professional needs change. In addition to the team, you’ll have access to mentors with specialties in law, HR, and accounting
  • There is no set time period for your venture’s involvement in the program. If your organization is receiving value and making progress – you are welcome to stay on board